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There goes my productivity for the day.

I think I’ve had too much coffee today…

RT @simurai: THIS is why the web is great. We can view-source on cool things and talk about it: http://t.co/veMAN7NA

It’s just not the same as the stuff over there…so smooth and creamy… http://t.co/3b8n8P01

Success! App is building and running, time to load some real-looking data and start doing something interesting with it. :)

I am quite literally afraid of the contents of this bottle. http://t.co/GYwmPiyh

RT @markhoppus: just woke up and siri is gone. again. but she left a note reminding me i have a conference call in twenty minutes.

J’s first pony ride! http://t.co/JxqooUYt